Kotel Specialized Rehabilitative Children’s Hospital

Bulgarian Orphanages – KotelNumber of Children: 56
Ages: 3 – 18
Full Sponsorship: $4,200

Needs Sponsors
This hospital treats children with bone, joint, and neurological disorders. It has recently been renovated and meets European standards of care. Currently, the hospital cares for abandoned children whose medical condition requires constant hospitalization and for children who require various types of therapy and rehabilitation. The hospital is staffed with qualified doctors, nurses, psychiatrists, and therapists.

One Heart Bulgaria’s goals for this hospital are the following: to provide extra hospital days for patients from our orphanages; to purchase and provide needed supplies, including beds and heavy duty plastic mattress covers; to provide transportation to and from the hospital for the patients from our orphanages; and to provide training for medical staff by visiting American doctors and specialists in neurological disorders. We can report that recently 10 beds, mattresses and plastic covers were purchased, and extra hospital days were provided for 10 patients.

Special projects

Extra hospital days: one day stay for one child is $25