Bratsigovo Orphanage Complex

Number of Children: 54
Ages: 7-18 years

Sponsorship: $1,200 to $1,600 a year
Special Projects Available

Background on these two orphanages:

In 2003, the orphanage management made a decision to create an Orphanage Council to oversee and organize activities for the children. Their project plan stated, “This project has been put together…with the purpose of making the free time of the orphans significant and meaningful…. Every child has a dream, but how could it be fulfilled with pocket money that is not enough even for candies? Therefore, we decided to create this project and seek sponsors who can make at least part of the dream a reality.”
These two orphanages have since been united administratively into a complex of social care for children without parents. There are still two different facilities but a single director runs them as of September 2011.

Bratsigovo 1:

(Vassil Petleshkov) Since 2007 Heart Bulgaria has been instrumental in providing a variety of activities for these children. We sponsored the folk dance group by providing costumes and a teacher for 24 boys and girls. We also purchased uniforms, shoes and equipment for the soccer team. In September 2011, we were fortunate to hire a retired professional as a music teacher/song leader for the children. She screened the children and found a score of talented children to work with. Our folk dance teacher arranged for the group to perform in many local festivals where they received recognition. In addition to these wonderful activities, we have provided carpentry classes for a small group of children.

Library Literacy Program:

In September 2011 we received a very generous donation from J. Brandoff to establish a library in this orphanage in honor of his wife, Polly, who is Bulgarian. This library now provides a learning environment that is complete with current and useful editions of picture books, chapter books, children’s encyclopedias, workbooks, textbooks, Bulgarian classics, and world classics. In addition, the library has 5 computers and one printer. Mariana, our librarian, is loved by the children and orphanage staff. She gives needed instruction and guidance with the books, computers, printer, and supplies. In addition, she is a kind mentor to the children. To help fund the librarian’s salary, please go to and click on the Special Projects Link. Then under Programs, click on Bratsigovo Library Literacy Program.

Bratsigovo 2:

(Anna Gizdova) In April 2011 we were able to hire a very good art therapy teacher for this orphanage. The mayor of Bratsigovo has expressed gratitude and appreciation for the classes and aid we have given to both orphanages. Medications are donated from our Medical Programs Fund when requested for both orphanages. To help out with a special project, contact our Sponsorship Director, Donna Dushku (