Gratitude Corner

One Heart Bulgaria’s ability to give aid to Bulgarian orphans is made possible through the contributions and efforts of the following organizations, foundations, businesses, media groups, and individuals.  We thank you for being our partners in giving hope, life, and a better future for the Bulgarian orphans.

Organizations and Foundations

A Child’s Hope Foundation
Argyros Foundation
Bulgarian Child
BYU Alumni Association
Dalio Family Foundation
Dennis and Joan Norton Family Foundation
Deseret International
Family Dynamics International
Fidelity Charitable Gift Trust
Find A Way Foundation
LDS Family Services
Mothers Without Borders
Span Foundation Trust
St. Peter’s Lutheran Church
The Bulgarian Child
United Way
The Sabin’s Children Foundation


Carol Tuttle
Eyrealm Goldman Sachs
Integra LifeSciences
Kitchen Kneads
Lights, Camera, Interaction Melissa and Doug Toys
Object Systems International
Start Up Princess
The Happy Factory
Wasatch International Adoptions


Deseret News
The Beehive
The Herald Journal
The Standard Examiner


Alex and Jennifer Dushku
Allison and Scott Garner
Angie Christensen
Becky Johnson
Benjamin and Tamara Toronto
Beverly and J. Weston Daw
Bonnie Capell
Brett Rowland
Brittany and Scott Daw
Brooke Bates
Carol Tuttle
Cathy Endicott
Chelsia Eyre Evans
Christina and Brent Law
Christine Deerebeef
Cliff and Erin Dunn
Dan Nebekar
Danna Probst
Dax Keller
Deborah Dushku Brailsford and David Gardner
Derek Allred
Didi Childs
Didi Sharp
Donna and Nicholas Dushku
Doug Colby
Elizabeth Turrell
Emily Gladwin
Faun and Peter Childers
God, Our Heavenly Father
Greg Davis
Hannah Gardner
Heather Hanson
Heidi Glyn (Brown) and Devin Barker
Howard Bahr
Ivan and Amy Kandilov
Ivan and Jennifer Djambov
Jack Voutov
Jacqueline Doone
Jan Wray
Janet and Craig Peterson
Janet and Roland Gardner
Jeanine Franson
Jenn Byrd
Jennifer and Alex Dushku
Jess and Virginia Brown
Joel Conte
John Clark
Josh and Polly Brandoff
Judy Gubler
Judy and Paul Ridgway
Kanani (Van Leeuween) Donaldson
Karen Knighton
Karol and Bryce Cook
Kathy Headlee
Kathy Junk
Kelly (King) and Matthew Anderson
Kimbal and Valentina Brown
Lana Gardner
Lansing Gatrell
Larry Brasher
Laura Operman
Lee Frogley
Leslie and Adam Gardner
Leslie (Davis) Kawaii
Margaret Philips
Marvin Gardner
Matthew and Kaly Dushku
Matthew Landheim
Michelle and Stephen Olsen
Mila Hover
Nikolai Gavazov
Pam Harris
Paul Stringham
Radost Yanakieva
Randy Sellers
Reeses Rainbow
Richard and Linda Eyre
Roberta and Theural Stapely
Roger Skrobeck
Sara (Gardner) and Brandon Holmer
Saren (Eyre) and Jared Loosli
Scott and Kathy Stringham
Shawn Nielson
Simone Whitney
Special Project donors
Tanya Bagley
Tisha Gardner
Tomas and Missy Winterton
Treble Clef
Troy Rockwood
Tyler and Vicki Ginn
Valerie Primus
Victoria and Tyler Ginn
Wally Midgley
Yolla and Chris Franklin
Youlia Rowland