About One Heart Bulgaria

Our Mission

One Heart Bulgaria offers orphans a happier, healthier and more promising future through proper nutrition, medical care, and individual attention.

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Our Goals

Thousands of children in the overcrowded and under-funded orphanages of Bulgaria are currently suffering from lack of attention, basic amenities, nutritious food and a hope for their future. One Heart Bulgaria’s goals are to provide for immediate, critical needs and build an infrastructure that will ensure long-term social, emotional, and physical health for the children it serves. The results of OHB’s efforts will be children and young adults who have the opportunity to develop and reach their potential in a healthy and supportive environment, enabling them to become happy and successful members of the Bulgarian society. We achieve this by:

  • Providing nutritious food and vitamins for children at risk for malnutrition and disease
  • Providing regular, reliable interaction with concerned, loving adults to mitigate emotional, social and mental developmental delays.
  • Providing access to medical care
  • Providing basic hygiene articles and bedding
  • Funding special projects at the orphanages for the furthering of specialized care and occupational skills training
  • Employing and training adults in Bulgaria to provide these services