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    One Heart Bulgaria Is a non-profit humanitarian organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for Bulgarian orphans.  We
do this by providing supplemental food, hygiene items, and access to medicines and medical care. In addition, and most importantly, our programs are designed to provide the emotional support, guidance, and love that the Bulgarian orphans so desperately need in order to truly thrive.

In the past, not much has been known or exposed about Bulgarian orphans and the orphanages in which they live. As a result, very little attention and humanitarian aid has been given to these invisible children. One Heart Bulgaria invites you, your families, and civic groups to join us in changing the lives of approximately 8,700 Bulgarian orphans living in 144 orphanages.

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Inspiring songs, donated by popular artists, to honor the thousands of courageous children living in Bulgarian orphanages.

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Walking the halls of an infant orphanage in Sofia, Bulgaria, I heard the shrill sound of a screaming baby. Finding myself alone, I quickly opened the door to a small room where I found the baby frantic and trembling. His skinny arms and tiny fingers grasped desperately for comfort. It was against protocol for me to interact with the infant without permission, so I stood there, my heart breaking, and watched this tiny baby struggle. Where was the cozy blanket to swaddle his newborn body? Where were the gentle hands or soothing reassurances of his mother? This precious infant could not understand, and so he screamed on. He had not yet learned that no one would rescue him and that crying would bring no response. Soon he would give up trying, just like the other orphans lying quietly in their cribs. But until then, this tiny newborn was put in a room alone to scream himself into silence before being warehoused with the other soundless babies.

Deborah Dushku Gardner
One Heart Bulgaria
Co-Founder & President


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